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Complete OH Kit DD15 (903)

Complete OH Kit DD15 (903)

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- New DDTP Complete OH Kit DD15 (903)


6- Cyl. Kit DD15 (901,903) (Part # A4720111810)

1- Head Gasket (Part # A4720161420)

1- Camshaft Housing Gasket Cyl Head Upper (Part # A4720160680)

1- Cyl Head Cover Gasket DD15 903 (Part # A4720160121)

6- Seal Intake Manifold DD15 (Part # A4720980080)

1- Seal EXT GSK DD15 (Part # A4721421880)

1- Seal exhaust Gasket DD15 (Part # A4721421980)

1- Seal DD15 (Part # A4722030880)

1- Seal DD15 (Part # A4722030980)

1- Seal Coolant Collector Pipe DD15 (Part # A4722030180)

1- Seal DD15 (Part # A4720980180)

1- O-Ring Cam Cover Gear Drive Plug DD15 (Part # A4729970845)

1- Connecting Pipe EGR Cooler-Housing DD15 (Part # A4721400648)

1- Connecting Pipe EGR Cooler-Collecting Pipe DD15 (Part # A4722000154)

38- Cyl Head Bolt DD15  (Part # A4720160169)

6- Injector Seal Kit W/ Bolt DD15 (Part # A4600700887)

6- Connecting Rod Bearing DD15 (Part # A4720300960)

7- Main Bearing DD15  (Part # A4720300740)

1- Thrust Bearing Set STD DD15 (Part # A4720300445)

1- Oil Suction Manifold Seal/Gasket (Part # A4721881480)

2- Seal, Oil Pump DD15 (Part # A4721870880)

2- Seal Oil Pump DD15 (Part # 4721870980)

1- Oil Pan Gasket DD15 (Part # A4720140322)

1- Metal Gasket Seal Turbocharger AFT Treat Sys. EPA13 DD15 (Part # A4730960280)

2- Seal Ring 20mm O.D.  x 14mm I.D. (Part # N000000001069)

2- Seal Ring Turbo Oil Line DD15 (Part # N000000001070)

1- Gasket Turbocharger Oil Drain (Part # A5411870080)

1- O-Ring Turbo Oil Line DD15 (Part # A0189973145)

1- Lube Filter Cartridge DD15, DD13 (Part # P551005)

1- Detroit Fuel Filter Kit (Part # FK48556)

1- Coolant Filter Cartridge  (Part # A4722030355)


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